Thursday 18 July
Friday 19 July
10:00-11:00: coffee
Julian Gutierrez and Michael Wooldridge: Equilibria in Games on Event Structures
Cai Wingfield, Guy McCusker and John Power: Graphical Foundations for Dialogue Games
Paul Blain Levy: Morphisms between plays
11:00-11:15: Welcome
10:30-11:00: coffee
Nobuko Yoshida: Multiparty Compatibility in Communicating Automata: Characterisation and Synthesis of Global Session Types
Raymond Hu, Rumyena Neyova and Nobuko Yoshida: Multiparty session types
and their application in large distributed systems
Ichiro Hasuo:
Categorical GoI for Higher-Order Quantum Computation
Ugo Dal Lago and Margherita Zorzi: Wave-Style Token Machines and Quantum Lambda Calculi
12:30-14:00: lunch
12:15-14:00: lunch
Colin Stirling: Introduction to decidability of higher-order matching
Valentin Blot: Realizability for Peano Arithmetic with Winning Conditions in HO Games 
Dan Ghica and Olle Fredriksson: Game Semantics for Abstract Machines, revisited
James Laird: Games for Model-Checking Generic Polymorphism
15:15-15:45: coffee 
15:00-15:30: coffee
Viktor Winschel and Achim Blumensath:  A Coalgebraic Framework for Games in Economics
Jules Hedges: Sequential and simultaneous games with selection functions
Alex I. Smith: A Tag-Based Approach to Syntactic Control of Interference
Andrzej Murawski and Nikos Tzevelekos: Deconstructing general references via game semantics

16:30-17:00: Wrapping up